“How Can You Prove Your Value?” [Solution Saturday #25]

Hello My Friends, and welcome to this week’s #SolutionsSaturday. This week I wanted to discuss how to prove your value to your customer. Before we get into it, let’s always ask the important question “Why is this important?” In today’s marketing, anyone can literally make any claim they want and post that claim on social media. Because of some bad actors, simply claiming you can offer solutions to people’s pains and problems is simply not enough. These days we have to prove it. In this Solution Saturday we are going to go over 3 tried and tested methods on how to prove your value to every prospect.

  1. Show Them – The best way you demonstrate your value, when possible, is to simply show them and the best medium for that is video. Regardless of the product or service you are selling if you can show your prospect how your solution can solve their pain, then you are more than halfway there of getting the sale. Video is a powerful tool and whether that is walking them through your product, or showing them how your solution has helped others with the exact same problems, then this is often all of the proof a prospect will need in order to make a purchase.
  2. Social Proof – One of the most powerful ways to show a customer that your solution is right for them is with social proof. What is social proof? If you can prove to a prospect that your solution has also helped their peers, friends, neighbors, group members or other like-minded individuals, than this is a great method of proof. You can see this being done all over the internet with Reviews, Video Testimonials, Comments and even metrics such as Likes and Followers. Social proof can go a long way to proving your value, or the value of the services you are offering to a prospect.
  3. Try Before You Buy – By far one of the best methods of proving your value, or the solution that you are offering is to allow the prospect to touch, feel, or try your solution. Although not always possible, when you can give customers a free ‘taste’ of your offering, there is no better method to prove it’s value then for the customer to see it first-hand. Offering free trials, free testers, or free samples is by far the best method used to prove the value of your offer.

When you are able to prove to the customer that you solution or product is right for them, then most of the ‘selling’ work is done. With the methods above they can see very clearly how you can deliver on your promise and they will most likely buy as long as there is perceived or actual value.

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