Yongxin Wang

Yongxin Wang [Member Monday #9]

Yongxin Wang

Hi Friends, it is Monday again and it is time to feature another member who is very worthy of this recognition. Today, we give thanks and congratulate YONGXIN WANG! Yongxin has been very active in helping out other members and genuinely cares for our group. He always took the time to help others solve their excel problems and he has been very generous in sharing his knowledge to everyone. I am sure you will agree that Yongxin is a great asset in this group. With that, let us all express our gratitude to him. Again, thank you and Congratulations Yongxin Wang!

He also shared his excel journey and has some great words for us all. Here it is:

First of all, thanks to Excel For Freelancers Group for giving me the opportunity to answer questions that my friends are concerned about. It’s very simple about myself: I am from China and live in Australia after retirement. I have been in contact with Excel for 20 years. At that time, only one computer in our factory was used as a monthly salary, and non-financial personnel could not get close. But I was curious as to how the computer printed the payroll based on manually entered data. Later, I got a personal computer, through the Internet, I was able to explore the mysteries, and fortunately joined the Excel For Freelancers Group and made friends with everyone. Excel for Freelancers is a place to broaden your horizons, grow your knowledge, inspire, and think creatively, and connect with friends around the world. Understand the needs and ideas of friends, reason and judge the cause of the error, and seek the best solution and different methods to solve the problem. Solving other people’s problems at the same time has a lot of gains. My goal is to communicate with more friends, to handle more problems for them, and to provide them with more convenience. For myself, I learn English faster. 

The advice for members of the Excel For Freelancers Group is:
1. For those who want to learn and master Excel and VBA, give yourself confidence and perseverance. Take me, no English, no chance to go to college, without any professional books and videos, just check through the Internet. And the help files provided by Office, through the imitation, practice and continuous accumulation to improve the ability.

2. For those who have mastered Excel and VBA and learned application programming, if you encounter problems, you should learn to check the help provided by Office. When the VBA program runs an error interrupt, learn to use VBA’s immediate window to view the object or value that caused the error. , learn to use the default breakpoint to debug the program. Learn to use loops, arrays, dictionaries, nesting, calling subroutines, custom functions, forms, controls, and more. With as much refined program code as possible, as much information processing power as possible, with as few human intervention as possible, as few file reads and writes as possible, as fast as possible, and as small as possible for document space Your ability level.

3. It is very important for a friend who wants to find a solution to a lot of repetitive work in the office and let others understand your needs. Because of the differences in language, it is difficult to understand communication, so I usually need these friends to provide your example files with the goals you want and the results you want. If there is no instance file, it is better to have the copied code (if any). None of the above, at least give a few clear and complete screenshots with detailed instructions. The advantage of having an instance file is that the person providing the help can open your file directly, based on the specific structure of the file, the data type and relationship, the formula and code (if any), or the error status, analyzing the cause and solution, and directly Debug modification errors or add formulas and programs. If there are only screenshots, the person who provides the help can only create a file, enter data or code according to the screenshot, and sometimes even create a document with the same name and related path and folder of the same name according to your reference relationship, so that it is possible to understand where your problem lies. It is time consuming and laborious. If you don’t have a screenshot, just a few simple words to ask for help, you can only guess your needs and provide possible suggestions based on past experience.

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