When You Know Your Why, The What And How Will Come [Wisdom Wednesday #8]

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When You Know Your Why, The What And How Will Come

What Is Your Why?

Hello my good friends.

In this weeks #WisdomWednesday our quote digs deep into our motivations to help us understand our “Why” and why that is so critical.
Before starting Excel For Freelancers I thought I knew my why. I was creating Excel Applications for the Marketplace and doing Excel Freelance jobs. While I had a good amount of success doing that, I really had no ‘why’ other than simply “to pay my bills”, and in all honesty that ‘why’ was not good enough, nor was it fulfilling.
It was not until mid 2017, and after some deep thinking and self-realization that I discovered my true why and that was:

“To help freelancers around the wold reach their dreams and goals by teaching them the same skills that I have learned the over the last 25 years”

Although I had no idea how I was going to do this, or what I was going to do to reach this, I knew my why. Knowing this why set me on a path to find the What (Excel For Freelancers) and the How (Through video training & online help) since my mind was so focused on the Why both the What and the How would come naturally, over time, by writing down ideas that came to me.

So I ask you today to take a step back, forget about the How and What and focus on the Why. Once you have that, the hardest part is done and the rest will often come naturally, by default, because you now have a very clear and very specific direction.

Randy Austin

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Randy Austin

Randy Austin

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