The Fastest Way To Learn Something Is To Teach It [Wisdom Wednesday #6]

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The Fastest Way To Learn Something Is To Teach It

When You Want To Learn, Teach 

Hi Friends,

Yes, you read that right, and welcome to #WisdomWednesday. It has been said many times if you want to accelerate your learning, then teach it. Now at first that may seem odd. How can you teach what you don’t know?
Well the fact is the responsibility that is put upon you when you are teaching someone how to do something, forces you to learn it yourself.
The truth is, I have learned more in the past two years of teaching Excel that I did the last 10 years before working with it every day. Teaching Excel has ensured that I not only learn how something works but why it works, and it pushes me to take more chances and create new solutions each and every week, many of which I would never had dreamed of had I not decided to teach you amazing people here each and every week. No matter how little or unqualified many of us feel at times, there are things we already know, already have learned that others can benefit from. There is no better time to start then now, and no better place to start then right in our Excel For Freelancers Facebook Group.


Randy Austin

Randy Austin

Randy Austin

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