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The Excel For Freelancers Mentorship Program

Learn How To Create & Sell Your Own Excel-Based Software For Passive Income

In this incredible course you will learn how to define, design, develop & deploy your own Excel applications. This masterclass includes:

  • 132 Hours Of Lifetime Access Video Lessons

  • Weekly Updated Workbook Downloads

  • License & Version Control Manager App

  • Full Excel Accounting Application

  • Proven Website Sales Page Template

  • Lesson Exercises & Worksheets

  • 100 Great Application Ideas

  • Access On Any Device

Randy Austin
Randy AustinWhat Our Members Are Saying
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See what our members are saying about this amazing program
Jo Christiansen
Jo Christiansen
"The Mentorship Program is awesome"
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The Mentorship Program is awesome. Randy takes you through everything from idea to implementation, step by step. Totally worth every penny!
Sven Dugojevic
Sven Dugojevic
"I can't express enough how much I enjoy the class"
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This has got to be one of the coolest programming opportunities out there....Loving the class so far. I can't express enough how much I enjoy the class, I just find myself at 10pm glued to my screen when I should be sleeping
Guy Doron
Guy Doron
"...take that knowledge and pack it in a way that I had never thought of before"
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I have been programming Excel for 15 years, so I consider myself somewhat of an expert. Still you were able to take all that knowledge and pack it in a way that I had never thought of before.
Hélène Messier
Hélène Messier
"I find it fabulous"
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I just finished lesson #10 and I am really impressed with the way you use userforms. I have never seen this before and I find it fabulous.
Jeffery Adams
Jeffery Adams
"Glad to have you as a mentor"
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I love programming and I heard from many prosperous people that having a mentor was a vital part of their success so I am glad to have you as a mentor for excel success.
Mischa Graafmans
Mischa Graafmans
"It really is amazing"
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There are so many ideas I get from this program. It really is amazing. I am glad I am doing this training. I love this training. It gives me a lot of good ideas as well.
Daniel Bertin
Daniel Bertin
The Best Investment I've Made
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I'm learning a lot so far, the mentorship is the best investment I've made, in training and it's only been a month
"The Mentorship Program is incredible"
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The Mentorship Program is incredible, even if you know VBA some of the tricks that Randy explains to get the best from excel is so useful.
Elmer Guevara
Elmer Guevara
"I encourage everyone to sign up if you want to learn Excel to create beautiful applications"
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I get amazed everytime you build your Excel Applications. I am glad I found you and I thank you for sharing your expertise with the world. I am currently enrolled for the Excel Mentorship Program and I encourage evryone to sign up if you want to learn Excel to create beautiful applications
Ken Bennett
Ken Bennett
"Enjoying It All!"
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Enjoying It All!
Manny Heavygold
Manny Heavygold
"​The Mentorship course is awesome"
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The Mentorship course is awesome
Chrismo Gonzaga
Chrismo Gonzaga
"I had some knowledge of Excel. But joining Excel for Freelancers mentorship program has even made me much better than I was before"
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This program is for everyone regardless of how much you know. There will be those unique things you have never thought of. Am enjoying every bit of the mentorship.
Glenn Davis
Glenn Davis
"The weekly tutorials are also invaluable"
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It has been excellent so far. The weekly tutorials are also invaluable. I was writing some macros when I started, but I have come a long way and I couldn't have done that on my own.
Benny Oettel
Benny Oettel
"I recommend it for 100%, so much more you will learn"
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I follow the Mentorship from Randy Austin and I can recommend it for 100%, so much more you will learn, a few things are covered in the tutorials but at the Mentorship you go deeper into the VBA.
Sammy Mlangeni
Sammy Mlangeni
"The Mentorship Program is the best. I recommend it"
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The Mentorship Program is the best. I reommend it. Initially I thought it was worth it and later became a must do training. Thank you Randy for the Mentorship Program.
Bent Lauridsen
Bent Lauridsen
"Investing in the course is an investment resource in your future and future success"
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I can surely recommend you to take this course. Whatever VBA level you are on. Remember, investing in the course is an investment resource in your ownfuture and future success.
Jeanna Mitchell
Jeanna Mitchell
"Learning about order of operations as Randy teaches is extremely applicable"
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Learning about order of operations as Randy teaches and demonstrates in the Mentorship Program is exctremely applicable to so much more than simple spreadsheets.
Debbie Fairbanks
Debbie Fairbanks
"My skill set has improved dramatically and you covered everything I wanted, to take my software online"
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Thank you once again for your fabulous Mentorship program. My skill set has improved dramatically and you covered everything I wanted, to take my software online.
Arlene Griffin
Arlene Griffin
"I am loving the training and videos. They are so helpful and easy to understand"
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I am loving the training and videos. They are so helpful and easy to understand. I was always an end user of Excel and now this is great. I would recommend both the VBA training with Sumit and your Mentorship program to anyone interested. Thank you both for being willing to help others and not costing them an arm and a leg to learn.

What Is the Excel For Freelancers Mentorship Program?

If you are tired of the ups and downs of freelance, or would just like to earn some passive income using your Excel skills, without trading time for money, then this program is for you.

The Excel For Freelancers Mentorship Program has been designed exclusively for Excel enthusiasts who want to learn the tips, tricks and techniques to turn their passion into profits.

This comprehensive training program consist of 88 modules, each with 90 minutes of unique content. Within these courses, I will reveal the blueprint that has enabled me to create a continuous stream of income with Excel software for the last 10 years, wherever I am in the world.

In this mentorship program we will go from Concept to Cash and everything in between. I will be taking you inside my entire development process and giving you an over-the-shoulder view as I create a comprehensive accounting application

I will walk you through, step by step, on the entire process of how to Define, Design, Develop and Deploy your own Excel Applications.

These modules will give you the ability to create your own applications as I teach you all the skills you need to create your own passive income stream.

Excel For Freelancers Mentorship Box


In this groundbreaking program, I have combined all the skills that have allowed me to create valuable Excel products over many years and compiled them into a 12 Phase Program called The PRODUCT EXCELERATOR™.

This comprehensive course will cover everything from proof of concept, product development, security, version control, website design, sales psychology & sales conversion methods to payment processors along with a complete product launch.

This is the same process I use to all of my Excel products on the market today and is the ONLY program ever that will show you how to turn your Excel skills into a recurring & passive income stream.

What Will I Learn?

In this course, we will dive deeper into all of the fundamentals that are required for you to create and successfully launch your Excel application.

We will start with a strong foundation to Define your application by determining Who, What and Why you should build your application, providing a strong foundation to guide you throughout the build & launch phases.

We will then move into the Design portion of the build where I will take you step by step on the process of how to set up process flow charts, create wire frame designs and write detailed project scopes, giving you a clear map to follow during the product development.

In the Development phase of the training, I will reveal the 10 critical steps on how to create sound, secure and stable applications as well as how to generate multiple versions from a single file.

The final section of the training will cover application Deployment. This  includes modules on securing your domain name, setting up a WordPress website, adding license control, creating a compelling sales page & video, and launching your application.

Who Is This For?

This program is for any Excel enthusiast who wants to create a passive income stream without trading time for money. 
The training is perfect for those who are tired of the vicious circle of freelance work and who are willing to put in the time and effort to learn the same system I used to create an evergreen income stream.   

Who Is This Not For?

This program is not for anyone looking for a ‘quick- get-rich’ scheme or someone who is unable or unwilling to invest their time to learn the tools, tips, tricks and proven methods that I have used in my Excel applications for many years. 

Complete Excel Accounting Application

Take A Walk Through The Accounting Application You Will Learn To Build

Learn To Build Your Excel Accounting Application

Excel Accounting Process Flow

Inside the Excel For Freelancers Mentorship program will build a complete accounting application that includes Invoicing, Inventory, Purchasing, Chart Of Accounts, Single Click Dashboard and a ton more. 

Only Mastermind Members will receive the personalized Application Resale Rights & License upon enrollment.

What Is In This Program?

(click headings below to view details & application screenshots)

  • Multi-User Rights Management
  • Default Accounts & Settings
  • Sharing & Sync Options
  • Payment Terms & Defaults
  • Automated Purchasing Defaults
  • GST & Taxing Options
  • Customizable Fields &  Options
  • Email  & Notification Defaults

  • Username & Password Login Form
  • Password Reset Option
  • Admin Contact Option
  • User Security Rights By Role

  • User Defined Accounts & Numbers
  • Account Types & Balances
  • Quick Look Summary
  • Single Click To View Register

  • Single Register / Multiple Accounts
  • Date Range Filters
  • Filter By Account
  • Edit, Delete & Void Transactions
  • Add Compound  & Split Entries
  • Log Changes By User

  • Checks, ePayments & Receipts
  • Bills & Bill Credits
  • Credit Card Charges & Credits
  • Compound/Split Entries
  • Expenses & Inventory Items
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Transaction Search & Navigation
  • Automated Transactions

  • Reconcile Bank Accounts
  • Single Click To Confirm
  • Add Fees & Interest Transactions
  • Balance Via Account Adjustments

  • Add & Edit Vendor Form
  • Vendor List & Balances
  • Purchase Order Management

  • Add, Save & View Invoices On Single Click
  • Print To PDF & Email Invoices
  • Dynamic Invoice Footer
  • Previous, Next & Search Invoice Feature
  • Fully Customizable Invoice Template

  • Full Inventory Tracking
  • Set Default Quantity Sold
  • Assign Income Accounts
  • Set Cost & Sales Amounts

  • One-Click Column Sorting
  • Customizable Columns
  • In-Line Filtering

  • Automated PO’s Based On Needed Items
  • Add, Save & View Purchase Orders
  • Print To PDF & Email PO’s
  • Dynamic Purchase Order Footer
  • Previous, Next & Search PO Feature
  • Fully Customizable Purchase Orders

  • Add, Edit & Remove Customer Form
  • Customer Lists & Balances
  • Customer History Tracking
  • Custom Fields Management
  • Customer Attachments

  • Fully Dynamic Email Notification System
  • Vendor, Customer & User Notifications
  • 65+ Email Triggers
  • Single Click Notification Dashboard
  • Numerous & Dynamic Email Variables

  • Single Click Reports Dashboard
  • Dynamic Date Range Filter
  • Previous  Period Option
  • User-Defined Custom Reports
  • 15 Reports & Graphs

  • Custom Icon Set
  • Multiple Icon Functions
  • Dynamic Drop Down Lists
  • Dynamic Help Desk

  • Worksheet & Workbook Protection
  • User Type Defined Protection
  • Cell-Level Protection
  • Automated License Creation
  • Single Admin Panel Licensing Control
  • Worldwide License Management
  • Create, Activate & Remove Global Application
  • Access From A Single Panel

  • Multiple Versions In Single Application
  • Version Based On Unique License #
  • License Tied To One Or More Computers

Tell Me More About This Accounting Application

Hover over the glowing “icons” to learn more about this Accounting Application 

Excel Accounting Process Flow


Don't just take my word for it, see why my students love the Mentorship Program just as much as I do!

Master These 12 Phases To Launch Your Excel Application



Learn The Key Skills On How To Define Your Customer

One of the most important step, yet often overlooked, is defining your customer. I have lost thousands of dollars on projects simply because I failed to take this step seriously.
I won’t allow that to happen to you, so in this first phase of the Mentorship Program we put a major emphasis on defining our customer with targeted and tested exercises which drill down on exactly who  you are building this application for.

Play Video



Play Video

Gain The Necessary Skills To Clearly Define What You Are Going To Build

A common mistake in application development is simply not defining ‘what’ we will build. When this step is skipped, projects fail, time is wasted and money is lost.

This mentorship program will ensure you never make that mistake.  With highly specific lessons, you will learn the critical skills of not only defining what to build but what not to build. These exercises will guide you every step of the way throughout the development and marketing phases.



Learn The Art Of Asking 'Why' Before Writing A Single Line Of Code

Sometimes the most obvious questions are the ones not asked. Many costly mistakes are made simply because we forgot to ask the simple question of ‘Why’.

Because of that, I have created a full-proof method that protects you from ever having to worry about these types of mistakes. This Mentorship Program includes targeted exercises that will not only ensure that you know exactly why you are building and what you are building, but will also provide valuable content for marketing in Phase 12.

Play Video



Play Video

Create Powerful Flow Charts To Visualize Your Applications

Sometimes we miss critical parts of applications simply because we could not get an ‘overhead view’ of the application and flow.  Creating detailed process flow charts removes that problem.

In this Mentorship Program, I will share with you the exact methods, platforms and structures I have used to create unique process flow charts that give me a bird’s eye view of the entire application, how data will flow and how users will interact with the program.



Create Compelling & Detailed Designs To Give Life To Your Ideas

One of the most common mistakes in application development is creating designs & screenshots out of order. Getting this step wrong could be a costly mistake.

In this program, I will reveal how I create wire frame designs & screenshots that provide a clear guide and map throughout the  development process and allows me to create powerful applications without expensive and time-consuming changes.

Play Video



Play Video

Create Details Project Scopes To Guide You Every Step Of The Way

Developing an Excel project without a project scope is like trying to build a modern house without a set of blueprints. It just doesn’t work, and it’s a massive waste of time and money.

In this program, I will teach you how to create detailed and clearly defined scopes that will ensure your project is completed exactly on target. Whether you are creating applications for the marketplace or doing custom freelance jobs, these scopes will be the blueprint for your projects moving forward.



Build Software On Time, Budget & Track Using My 10 Step Process

Developing applications for the marketplace can be a daunting task. Where do you begin and what steps should you follow to bring your application to market in the fastest possible time?

Finally, you can take the mistakes and do-overs out of programming with my 10 Step Application Building Process that ensures speedy and accurate development without missing those critical steps that often cause headaches and lost time.

Play Video



Play Video

Learn How To Create Multiple Versions With A Single Application

A powerful way to distribute, market and sell applications is through multiple versions. However, keeping track and updating multiple versions is time consuming and expensive.

In this program, I will reveal how I have solved this problem by using a single application to host multiple versions, including both Free and Paid versions should you choose. 

I will also share with you how specific activation licenses can activate different versions, allowing you to distribute just a single application to all of your customers, regardless of which version they purchase.



Become An Expert In Securing & Protecting Your Applications

Nothing is more important than securing & protecting your hard work. Whether you are protecting your applications from bad actors, or simply keeping your users from running into bugs. Protection is a vital component of every application.

In this Mentorship Program, I will walk you step by step on every process of the security & protection phase including:

  • Bug & Error Protection
  • Formula & Code Security
  • Theft & Duplication Protection
  •  User Rights Management
  • …and much, much more
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Play Video

Learn How To Create And Manage Your Own WordPress Website

Creating applications is an amazing process, but since this is “Excel For Freelancers”, it’s simply not enough to teach you how to create them.  My goal is to make you successful with Excel, and to do that, I must also teach you all of the marketing techniques, tips and tricks I have learned over the years.

One of the best ways to market & sell your applications is through your very own website. In this mentorship program, I will teach you every part of that process which includes registering your own domain, setting up a WordPress website and installing all the plugins, software and payment gateways you need to start getting paid for your hard work.

I will even share with you my most successful product templates that have allowed me to sell thousands of products over the years.

I will also show you how you can create a free dynamic knowledge base on your website and link your customized tool bar within your application to this knowledgebase.



Learn How Manage Application Licenses From Anywhere In The World

So many of us have not taken the steps to create our own applications simply because they can be copied and duplicated so easily.

Well, not anymore. After years of hard work and research, I have developed an incredible system that allows you to create, activate, and disable licenses for your applications from anywhere in the world.

While there is no full-proof method to completely remove risk completely, my system has been tried and tested for years on my own applications with great success. This ensures that your hard work and intellectual property are always protected.

When we reach the licensing phase, I will also share with you an exclusive Excel License Manager Application that can control every single one of your customer applications licenses wherever they are in the world.

Play Video



Play Video

Become A Master Of Successful Product Launches

So often we put our heart and soul into developing our applications only to fall short when it comes to launching them.

In this Mentorship program, I will reveal my tried and tested methods for launching successful applications along with a unique tool that allows you to market your applications on hundreds of websites with just a few clicks.

I will also share with you the critical techniques that get people to buy your applications and keep them coming back for more.


  • Familiarity with Excel, basic formulas, and very basic VBA is helpful but not required, as every step is explained and clearly commented out with notes.
  • Ability to invest time for the training videos & exercises (more if you are developing your own application while being enrolled in the program)
  • Application and training will be done with Excel 2010. All of the skills and downloads will function in versions 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019.
  • Most features will work on either PC or Mac; however, Mac versions may have other variations outside the scope of the training which may be helpful when working on Mac’s.

Sign Up Today & Get These Incredible Bonuses

My 100 Excel Application

For those who sign up during our launch, I will send you a FREE List of 100 Excel Application Ideas you can use right away. If you have always wanted to create your own Excel application but don’t know what to make or where to start, this comprehensive list is the best possible resource for tons of ideas on applications you can start today.

My Best VBA Library

Excel VBA Code LibraryWith over 20 years of  Excel & VBA Experience I have assembled quite a library of incredible VBA Macros. I have now taken the very best of those and combined them in a single workbook just for you. This workbook contains over 30 awesome macros that are going to allow you to create faster and better applications in no time at all. Just drag and drop these macros into your own applications and make any updates. 

My Massive Icon Library

You will never run out of icons again with this massive pack of over 20,000 images. No more searching for icons for your software. With this set, you will have every icon you would ever need to create beautiful applications. All icons include multiple formats, sizes and colors so you will always be able to find the right one for the right job.

Mastermind Members Only Will Get Access To:


Also, for those Mastermind  Members who enroll as a Mastermind member from the beginning,  I will send you a full and complete personalized Resale License with your name on it. This Resale License will entitle you to the following:

  • Full resale rights to sell the application as-is, or customized, at any price point you want
  • Ability to distribute the application as a one-time paid or recurring subscription service
  • Authority to rename, reprogram or rework the application in any way you see fit.
  • The above rights apply to a full lifetime, and the license will not expire.

NOTE: This license is only given to those who join the program from the MASTERMIND Program from the start.


Mastermind Members have lifetime access to 19 hours of prior mastermind meetings in which we went beyond Excel and covered topics such as sales, marketing, sales funnels and a ton more to give you all the tools you will need to reach financial freedom with passive income selling Excel software or anything else.




Weekly 90-Minute Modules
$ 47 Monthly For 88 Months
  • Weekly 90 Minute Training Videos
  • Weekly Exercises & Downloads
  • 88 Total Weekly Modules
  • License & Version Control Manager (Week 82)
  • Access On any Device 24/7
  • Full Accounting Application Resale Rights


Full Access After 5 Months
$ 190


For 5 Months ($950 Total)
  • Access To Initial 30 Modules On 1st Payment
  • Access To Remaining 58 Modules On Final Payment
  • 50+ Downloads & Resources
  • License & Version Control Manager (On Final Payment)
  • Access On any Device 24/7
  • Full Accounting Application Resale Rights


Complete Access
$ 845 One Time Payment
  • Full Mentorship Program Access
  • 132 Hours Of Recorded Content
  • 50+ Downloads & Resources
  • License & Version Control Manager
  • Access On any Device 24/7
  • Full Accounting Application Resale Rights
  • 19 Hours Of Mastermind Meetings
SAVE 20%


Complete Access
$ 1629 One Time Payment
  • Full Mentorship Program Access
  • 132 Hours Of Recorded Content
  • 50+ Downloads & Resources
  • License & Version Control Manager
  • Access On any Device 24/7
  • Full Accounting Application Resale Rights
  • 19 Hours Of Mastermind Meetings


The training starts right away. As soon as you enroll, you can already access the training modules available for you.

The rate in which video trainings will be available to you will be based on the pricing option you chose:

  • For those who opt into the ‘Monthly Basic’ option you will start out with the first Weekly Module of 90 minutes. After you finish that module for that week, a new module will open and that would be a total of 88 weekly modules.
  • Those choosing the “Installment Plan” will have 30 modules released on purchase, and the remaining 58 modules will be release on final payment.
  • Those that chose either the Basic or Mastermind Full Course options will receive all the content immediately upon payment.

You are welcome to join this program anytime you want. However only those who join this program at it’s launch will have the ability to contribute ideas and offer feedback on the direction and features contained in our first application.

This course contains 88 modules. For those who purchase the “Monthly Basic” option, this will run for 21 months, with a total of 88 Weekly Modules.

You are welcome to download all of the exercises, pdf’s and other course material.

Videos are not downloadable because of the risk of someone downloading & reselling the content, however they will be available to you 24 hours, 7 days a week through my secure website as long as you maintain your membership.