Excel File Manager Part 4

Preview Word, PDF, Video, Audio, Excel & Pictures Right in Excel: File Manager [Part 4]

Hello My Friends,
If you thought I could not stretch the features out of the File Manager anymore than I already have, you would be wrong 🙂
In this week’s Part 4 of the File I add even more never-seen-before feautres to the File Manager including:
1) Preview AND Edit Word Files, right in Excel
2) Play BOTH Audio and Video files
3) Preview Pictures & PDF Files on selection
4) View OTHER Excel Files, right inside the preview area
5) Highlight selected folder automatically,
…and a ton of other amazing features.
This is Part 4 of a multi-part series.
Download your FREE workbook and follow along using either of these links:
Using Facebook Messenger Here: http://bit.ly/FileMgr4_FbDl
With your Email Here: http://bit.ly/FileMgr4_Wb

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