Petr Radimersky [Member Monday #2]

Petr Radimersky

Hi Friends, Welcome back to #MemberMondays where we take time to shine a light on some of our amazing members.

???For our second Member Mondays, we would like to CONGRATULATE Petr Radiměřský ???

Petr, is an extremely active member of our group, in which he has consistently and patiently helped out other members whenever he can with their questions and issues.

He has also taken us on a journey and inspired us with his amazing projects.
I wanted to personally say THANK YOU Petr, for your incredible contribution to the Excel for Freelancer community and would love to see others in this group also take some time to wish Petr a big Thank you as well.

To know more about Petr and his journey with Excel, we decided to asked him some questions and advice that he can give to the whole Excel for Freelancers community, and here’s what we got:

1. How did your start your Excel journey?
“I started using excel in high school, it was
27 years ago. May be its not looks like, but chemistry
Is about numbers and data. I had start learn
Formulas and data logic. I had no idea about VBA
or other stuff in excel.”

2. Why did you chose Excel?
“For text I am using Word, for data I am using Excel.
When I started learn VBA, I started discovering new
world with endless possibilities. Excel is the
best for data processing I think. At my work I have
tons of data.”

3. How long have you been working with Excel?
“As I have written, I have been using Excel for
27 years.”

4. How has Excel for Freelancers helped you?
“Very, very, very much! I learn many new things,
others points of view, I helped with many
awesome projects and discovered many new
way to solve problems. Its great to help other
people, because I never stop to learn and
training. I dont like the word “impossible”. Its like
red blanket to a bull for me.”

5. What are your goals?
“Many? I created countless sheets, formulas and
apps. I love when my work is using by people
and it save their time. My last project Manta
is an app which I have never written before. It has own
real-time graphics engine. In Excel nothing is
impossible. Most of my projects are a very special
apps for very special things. But my bigger goal
is an automatic protocol system to firm where
I work. But its hard to say what is biggest goal. Some
small apps which I written are being use every
day by many people. My most funny work was
complete system for horse racing. I love
animals :)”

6. What advice can you give to our members?
“Never ever stop to learn. Never say “I am best“ and
be always patient in helping others. What is very
easy for you, may be greatly helpful to others.”

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