Peter Mac

Peter Mac [Member Mondays #20]

Hi Friends

It is Monday again and for our 20th Member Mondays I chose to feature PETER MAC. I got a chance to personally meet Peter when we were both on a vacation in Thailand a few weeks back and I can say that he is a nice and smart guy. Peter has been constantly sharing his ideas and provide some solutions to those who has Excel related problems. Not to mention the support he gives not only to me but to the whole group. With this I want to thank you Peter for all the contributions and support you gave to the whole Excel For Freelancers group. Please continue what you are doing so that we will continue to be the best Excel Group there is. Congratulations!

Like other members that we have featured in the past, we also asked Peter some questions to let us know more about him and give us some advice that will surely help us. Here are his answers:

  1. How did your start your Excel journey?

In my first job I did a manual spreadsheet ( this was before PC’s the late 70’s so the seed was sown.) When excel was launched I was naturally attracted to it.

2. Why did you chose Excel?

I have always been the numbers Guy so it was a good fit

3. How long have you been working with Excel?

At least 30 years

4. How has Excel for Freelancers helped you?

A couple of months ago I was looking for an answer for something and an answer from this group came up. I had a look at what Randy was doing and purchased the pack. I find the forum great as seeing other members issues helps me and also allows me to contribute with my experiences. It’s a real win win

5. What are your goals?

To help others in the forum and to get some freelancer work to assist my overall earnings

6. What advice can you give to our members?

Perseverance. VBA or any programming can be frustrating but is extremely satisfying when you complete a project. Randy does some great videos but you really learn when you take his ideas and apply them to your own projects.

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