Now You Can Create a Full Payroll [Part 1] In Excel [Employee Manager Part 15]

Randy Austin

Randy Austin

Hello My Friends!
No Professional Employee Manager is complete without an amazing Payroll Module, and so over the next few weeks I am going to show you the most amazing Full Featured Payroll you have EVER seen in Excel. 
AND, I am going to walk you step-by-step through the entire process so you will also have the skills to create one yourself.

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In this unique training I will show you how to:

☑️ Move Selected Employees from one column to the next

☑️ Use Advanced Filters in VBA

☑️ Use Dynamic Conditional Formatting

☑️ A Data Mapping method that simplifies VBA code

☑️ Saving Data to a new sheet on Worksheet Change

☑️ …and much much more

Also if you have not had a chance to check out my Advanced Excel Reports Dashboard Masterclass now, is the time to do before prices go up next year. With this 15+ Hour Course I am going to reveal the exact blueprint I have used to earn tens of thousands of dollars in both freelance jobs and on my very own products on the market today.

With this single dashboard template you will be able to generate, display and distribute unlimited Reports, Graphs and Charts, all in a single sheet, and with just one click.

What more could you ask for to impress your boss, coworkers, clients or buyers than this groundbreaking dashboard?

On completion of this course, you will easily be able to apply this knowledge, and template to every single dashboard on your projects moving forward, regardless of data type or structure.

This is the same exact dashboard that I have spent the last 10 years designing, developing and deploying into thousands of applications around the world.

With this never-seen-before content I will show you all of the methods, systems and techniques that have earned me a 100% 5 star rating on Upwork, and allowed me the amazing opportunity to travel the world and do what I love, which is helping people reach their dreams through Excel.

Just for this launch, I have set a very limited-time price which will be going up very shortly after the launch. I wanted to make sure that all of my loyal and amazing subscribers had their chance to secure their enrollment while the price stayed low.

If you are one of the millions who have loved my last 70 Unique Video Training in which I push Excel to limits never seen before then you are going to love this course.

Advanced Excel Reports Dashboard Masterclass

What will you get?:

👉 The Complete Dashboard Workbook I used in the training

👉 15+ Hours of Training You Can View On Any Device

👉 Exclusive Enrollment in our new Excel For Freelancers Students Group where you will get personal help from me and the other students

👉 Full Usage and RESALE Rights of my Designs & Templates

👉 A ton of bonuses which will help you develop your applications Faster, Better and Far Easier than ever before.

I have reduced the price but only for a very short time so please take advantage right now before I raise the price and launch it to everyone else.

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Excel Reports Dashboard Masterclass

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