Malte Hartmann #22

Malte Hartmann [Member Monday #22]

Hi Friends, it is Monday again and it is time for us to feature another Member who deserves the recognition, and that is Malte Hartmann. Malte has been with our group for quite sometime now, and for sure he is another Excel genius that we have on this group. His solutions to other member’s problems are really helpful for the whole group. Not only that he has the solutions to the problems but he has the wisdom and knowledge to share too. For this I want to thank you Malte for the continuous help and support you give this whole Excel For Freelancers group. Please continue what you are doing as we are very glad to have you in our group. Again, thank you Malte and Congratulations!

We asked Malte some questions about his Excel journey and asked him for some words that he can give to all of us. Here are his answers:

1.       How did your start your Excel journey?

My Excel journey began 10 years ago in vocational school where, during IT classes, I was first exposed to Excel and the most basic Excel functions. However, I found absolutely no joy and interest in IT and Excel and was therefore incapable of even writing  something as basic as an IF() function. As an apprentice in the aviation/textile industry, I then started to build my first basic application used in production planning. During my bachelor’s programme of Economics and Business Administration, I was then introduced to VBA in one of the computer classes. In 2016/2017 and around the same time, I developed a keen interest in Excel and other Microsoft applications and started to learn everything from scratch. To this day, I never stopped learning.

2.       Why did you choose Excel?

I believe that Excel is often chosen for us due to its massive popularity and widespread use in the business world. When deciding to start one’s programming career, Excel therefore seems to be an obvious choice. My personal motivation to learn Excel lies in improving my skillset as I am convinced that a deep understanding of Excel will greatly improve my career prospects.

3.       How long have you been working with Excel?

I have been working with Excel for approximately 10 years now. However, only in the last 3 years did things start to intensify.

4.       How has Excel for Freelancers helped you?

Excel for Freelancers has helped with me introducing me to actual programming (VBA). The YouTube channel provided me with a ton of useful techniques and so did the Dashboard course.  If it wasn’t for Excel for Freelancers, I probably would not have developed such a strong interest in VBA. Knowing the things I know now, that would have been very tragic.

5.       What are your goals?

My goals are to eventually start a second career as a freelancer to put my skills to the test. Being able to generate income with something that I truly enjoy doing would be fantastic.

 6. What advice can you give to our members?

Stay curious and never stop learning.

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