Learn How To Tab Through Fields & Forms And Run Macros With Just Your Mouse

Randy Austin

Randy Austin

Hello My Friends

Users of professional software around the world are able to quickly use shortcut keys to add & update records, however this has always been difficult to achieve on an Excel sheet.

Until Today!

In this weeks training I am going to show you how you can fully automate the user experience by tabbing through cells AND buttons, allowing users to complete ANY function with just their keyboard, including present ENTER on any shape-based button to run a macro and automatically highlight the selected cell.

In this never-seen-before training I am going to share with you how to:

☑️ tab through button on a sheet
☑️ run macros when pressing Enter on any button
☑️ automatically highlight the selected cell
☑️ automate & set the tab order by changing a cell
☑️ ..and much, much more

Meet me & 14 of the world’s best Excel Experts in London at the Global Excel Summit in April of 2020. Use Coupon Code Randy-10%” and get 10% off. Get your tickets today before they are all gone: https://globalexcelsummit.com

Download Your FREE Workbook from either of the following links:

Using Your Email Here:  http://bit.ly/TabThroughForm_Wb   

With Facebook Messenger Here: http://bit.ly/TabThroughForm_FbDl

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If you have ever wanted to be able to turn your Excel skill and passion into a lucrative passive income stream then I have just the program for you. 

I have spent the last 7 months putting together the most comprehensive program in which I will share with you all of my secrets that have enabled me to create and sell my Excel applications. 

In this Mentorship Program I will be releasing brand new private video training’s in 90 minute modules made up of smaller lessons. The first application we will be creating together is an amazing Accounting Application consisting of Invoicing, Inventory, Purchase Orders, an Email & Notification Center, Chart Of Accounts, General Ledger, Recurring Transactions, a Full Dashboard and it will have complete Share & Sync capabilities, and much, much more.

I will be sharing every aspect of the process, from concept to cash, including how to Define, Design, Develop and Deploy your own applications. If this sounds like something for you, then NOW is the time join. Lock in your early-bird price before they rise. Click here to join today: http://bit.ly/MentorProgram_WebsiteTues

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