Kamal Bharakhda [Member Monday #5]

Kamal Bharakhda

Hello Friends,

Welcome to our 5th Member Mondays! For this week’s Member Mondays, please join me in congratulating KAMAL BHARAKHDA! Kamal has been a member of our group for quite some time now. You can always see him in different threads giving out his ideas on how to solve some Excel problems. Some of the members even tags him in their Excel inquiries. And even though he is busy with his own career, he never hesitates to help every one who needs it and shares everything he knows about Excel. Thank you so much Kamal for being such a big help in the whole Excel community. Your contributions and support to the Excel Freelance Community is very much appreciated.

Like the other members who was featured before, we also asked Kamal some questions about his Excel journey. We also asked him to give some tips and advice in which for sure all of us will learn from it. Here is his answers:

1. How did you start your Excel journey?

It was started 8 years ago at my university while I was pursuing Aeronautical Engineering. One of our Fluid Mechanic’s professor was using Excel very much to solve complex problems based on Euler’s, Bernoulli’s and Reynold’s Equations. Since then, Excel is kept exciting me by uncovering the potentiality of the Excel as a tool by the masters across the world of Excel.

2. Why did you choose Excel?

Excel is a versatile software I have ever seen. It’s still amusing me with its ability and potentiality. It’s not just a piece of cells or grids. It’s a canvas for the people like me who can create anything within their creativity and the best thing is that excel always responds best with creativity poured into it.

3. How long have you been working with Excel?

Two phases. My journey with Excel (Without VBA) has been started before 8 years and with VBA a 4 years ago. Yes, But I have been so much consciously active and evolving for last 1 year as VBA Developer. I was practicing entrepreneurship right after my education where Excel was the major part of any of my processes and right now I’m still practicing entrepreneurship, but now everything starts and end with Excel VBA. My major development in excel VBA has been developed in the last one year only.

4. How has Excel for Freelancers helped you?

Randy has added me in this magical group one year ago and what I can say after that. The Excel For Freelancers isn’t just a group for me but it is an institution/organization, where everything has occurred to me at the right time. I have learned almost things in excel VBA by helping and solving these group members queries. I have earned my first dollar as Excel VBA Developer from the member of this group and her name is Andy Lanning and then I met Mr. Lokesh, who is a wonderful person and senior excel VBA developer who has provided me few great projects as a freelancer which has helped me financially as well as of evolving as an Excel VBA developer. Thank you Lokesh Sir and finally Mr. Randy Austin, I learned from him how to design application beautifully in excel worksheet and he also referred me as his developer to his clients and still, it’s happening. Thank you for all.

5. What are your goals?

Wow, this could be the most exciting question for me because I want to say a lot but in short, I want to build ERP applications for the Small to Medium Enterprises/industries using Excel VBA Framework. For that reason, I have also started taking experience in integrating real hard database frameworks like SQL Server, MySQL Server, SQLite, Access with Excel Applications. Only a goal as of now is Let’s make Excel VBA Great Again. Let’s make people believe in Excel for their all business solutions. My Next target is to learn TCP/IP setup so we can connect two remotely connected systems for a real-time data exchange which will further enable to use excel for the live updates from another branch of the company.

6. What advice can you give to our members?

There is a great saying, “If you want to learn to swim, jump into the water.”, and it’s the only way to master anything. I saw people start learning VBA by what they did in schooling. But that’s not how things will work. Just think of any of your work-related tasks and start to develop it. If you stuck anywhere come to the group and ask us; we will surely help you but without helping your self first, it will become very hard and boring will be the learning process. I have started my Advance VBA journey by developing complete Accounting software for the Small Enterprises and that’s how it worked for me. Thank you for this honor.

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