The Best Investment You Can Make Is To Invest In Yourself. Never Stop Learning [Wisdom Wednesday #1]

The Best Investment You Can Make Is To Invest In Yourself. Never Stop Learning

Hi Friends, 
On our first Wednesday Wisdom, I bring you something I have come to believe from the bottom of my heart. Over many years I have made many investments, both financial, educational and emotional.
However it is the educational investments through either experience or actually taking the time and energy to learn or increase a new skill that has paid of the most.
In fact, it was from one of the best investor’s himself, Warren Buffet who reminded me that the very best investment we will ever make is in ourselves.
Like myself many years ago, my first instincts would be to throw out one of my favorite excuses “I just dont have the time” or “I don’t have the money right now”, but in today’s world, if we are being TRULY honest with ourselves we know that is not true. 
With access to the internet we have entire world at our fingertips and with sites like YouTube, you can learn virtually anything for free, so we cannot allow that to be a valid reason for not increasing our skills.
We all have 24 hours in a day, it is just a matter of how we use it and we all have times in the day where we are not being as productive as we could be. Instead of listening to music at the gym or on your walk, why not listen to something education and learn a skill? Or how about on that commute to work? We can all make time for learning when it is a priority.
The bottom line is we should NEVER stop learning, I know I have not. In fact, I have learned more Teaching Excel, then I have in the last few years before I was actually teaching it.
So on this first Wisdom Wednesday I challenge you to start learning that skill you have been putting off and invest in yourself and your future today.

Randy Austin

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