Instead Of Saying ‘I Can’t Afford This’, Ask ‘How Can I Afford This?’ [Wisdom Wednesday #7]

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Instead Of Saying 'I Can't Afford This', Ask 'How Can I Afford This?'

Ask: “How Can I Afford This?”

Hello My Friends,

In this week’s #WisdomWednesday is a quote that is very personal to me. For so many years, when I ran into situations where the cost of items or services were high, I would simple say to myself “I can’t afford that”, shake it off, and move on.
At that time I had no idea of the long term damage this would do. This type of thinking actually had a very negative impact not only on my self confidence but on my income potential.
It was just a few years ago that I heard a quote that really resonated with me:

Instead of saying ‘I can’t afford this, ask “How can I afford this?”

This simple adjustment from a negative statement to a positive question, actually changed the way I approached so many things in my life. I started to ask the question, and automatically came up with ways in which I could afford it.
Instead of limiting your beliefs to a simple can or can’t afford something, turn it around into a question with purpose and meaning. This simple change can have a dramatic impact on your life moving forward.
It certainly did for me.

Randy Austin

Randy Austin

Randy Austin

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