How To Share & Sync Your Macro Enabled Excel Workbook With Anyone [Employee Mgr. Pt. 20]

Randy Austin

Randy Austin

This week I have something truly special and incredibly unique. In this AMAZING training video I will show you a brand NEW way to share your macro-enabled workbook and synchronize the data immediately with anyone in the word and with as many people as you like, all with nothing more than a Share folder.

This week, in Part 20, I take the Employee Manager to a completely different level showing you how you can sync your Excel file and create dynamic links to file attachments that anyone can open on any computer.

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This weeks 60 Minute Training includes:
☑️ Create & Save Text Files From Excel
☑️ Create Folders using VBA
☑️ Use Dynamic File Links For File Attachments
☑️ Automatically Sync Data From anywhere in the world
☑️ Parse Text files using LEFT, MID and Right functions in VBA
☑️ …and so much more

Advanced Excel Reports Dashboard Masterclass

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