MM 16

Geordie King [Member Monday #16]

Hi Friends, welcome to another Member Mondays. For today, like we had last week, we will feature someone who is certainly considered a “newbie” in our group (for he has been with us for only a month) but has been so active in helping out and sharing his knowledge to all of us. And that is GEORDIE KING. Congratulations Geordie and thank you so much for all the support and contributions you gave to our group and to the whole Excel Community. I hope that we will have more members like Geordie, that it does not matter how new or how long you have been a member of our group, for as long as we help each other and support each other. And that is the most important thing and the reason why Excel For Freelancers Group is here.

We also asked Geordie some questions to learn more about his Excel journey and get some few tips from him. Here they are:

  1. How did your start your Excel journey?

It was way back in Excel 95 … I was in a call centre and wanted to escape the call taking part of the role. We had some templates set up in Word with VBA automation, which I started to play with … that led to a project to create some stats and quality spreadsheets for the teams, so off on training I went. It just made sense and clicked from then on.

  • Why did you chose Excel?

Mostly it was the ‘weirdness’ of Excel. At the time, while everyone had Excel, it wasn’t in high usage, mostly there was a hesitance to use it as it was ’weird’. I never saw that and wanted to show how it could help.

  • How long have you been working with Excel?

 Since at least 1997, maybe even earlier

  • How has Excel for Freelancers helped you?

 It’s great to know there is a network out there and to borrow their brains. It’s nice to return the favour too, as and when I can. It opens your eyes to how many different ways Excel can be used. Randy’s videos are also a great insight into the ‘thinking’ that goes on behind the scenes.

  • What are your goals?

Retire to a beach and live the good life back in New Zealand, but in the meantime, be happy with what I do on a daily basis and help where I can.

  • What advice can you give to our members?

Try things / Ask questions … Excel can be pretty forgiving (if not, there is always a back-up copy to cover your tracks, if not then make one first), so TRY out that code / button / problem. There are lots of people out there only too happy to help, so ASK and see where it takes you. It’s a great way to teach yourself and gain confidence.

Thanks Very Much,

Randy Austin

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