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This week’s #WisdomWednesday is a simple yet important message and that is to find our niche and strive for excellence. Your own niche can be described as your ‘calling’ or ‘place in the market’. We can only do this when we have a small and very specific niche that is clearly defined. So this week I would like you to take a moment out of your busy schedule and clearly write out what niche you want to own and how you are going to master it and become excellent at it.

For example, my niche is to simply teach people how to be successful with Excel. Now to do this I have to be proficient with Excel of course but I also have to be able to teach people marketing, sales, messaging and a host of other skills. Too many Excel experts are poor, and my goal is to fix that problem. So that means that in my niche I not only have to learn Excel, but the latest marketing, sales and advertising techniques so that I can be the best in my niche. McDonald’s does not have the best hamburger however their success is due to their marketing, not their products, I would say. 

So today ask yourself, “What is my unique niche, and how can I be excellent at it?”

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I really appreciate it.

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