DOLPHIN GODFRED [Member Monday #19]

Hi Friends, welcome to our 19th Member Monday. For this week it is time to put the spotlight to someone who has been so supportive not only to the members but to the group as a whole. He has been helping out other’s problems whenever he can. The insights and ideas he shares every now and then have been so helpful to everyone. With this I want to thank you DOLPHIN GODFRED, for the outpouring support you give not just to me but to the whole Excel For Freelancers community. Please continue to do what you are doing, as all your efforts and contributions is very much appreciated. Congratulations, Dolphin!

Like the other members who were featured before, we also asked Dolphin some questions about his Excel journey. Here are his answers and the advice he has for everyone:

  1. How did you start your Excel journey?

My journey with Excel started (forcefully) when I joined my first BPO company. But before that, I learnt Lotus 123 during my one-year diploma course from a computer institute. So, I was new to Excel but somewhat not new to (few) concepts/functions in Excel. I was much interested in coding (I am a VB6 Programmer) rather than using/typing formulae. But thanks to my mentors who helped me to learn more about Excel.

2. Why did you chose Excel?

I was chosen to take Excel because of my requirement at my office. But now, the game has changed. I chose Excel to make simple, user-friendly, macro-driven templates to my clients and colleagues.

3. How long have you been working with Excel?

It has been almost twenty years that I have been working with different versions (starting Office 95) of Excel.

4. How has Excel for Freelancers helped you?

Excel for Freelancers has taught so many topics. The queries that some members ask gives me an urge to search for solutions and ideas for my projects. The solutions that other members of the group give, also reminds me of the different ways an issue can be solved. I love Randy’s videos (I regret not attending the live sessions that he gives, though) that gives an insight of how we can create and work on projects and use them in easy steps. Also, the screenshots and videos of the projects/works the members post are also great. I wish all of them good luck in their future endeavours. To put simply, this group is the most active and lively group I have seen.

5. What are your goals?

a. Make people know that there is much more to learn/know beyond what they know in Excel.

b. Learn integrating of different applications (not only Microsoft) and work with them.

c. (One day, I want) To teach people VBA from the basics till the advanced (everything I know).

6. What advice can you give to our members?

To the members who are novice/new:

a. There’s a lot to learn. And learning takes its own course of time. Never get disappointed when you were not able to get things right at the first few attempts.

b. If you are unable to learn one thing, try another one. Maybe, you are not yet ready for that. Don’t force yourself to take that plate! You may either vomit or have indigestion (hate it either ways) for the rest of your life. Instead, take little at a time and understand the concept. It’d be of great use in your later part of your career.

c. Always take help from others. Even experienced members will take help. So, don’t feel shy or ashamed while/for asking help. Make sure you do your ground work before posting your issue in the page.

d. Remember, there are a lot of things that you can accomplish using functions. Don’t try to use/have VBA for everything.

To the members who have some experience:

a. Keep up your learning. Never stick to your comfort zone. You have to come over, go and see which one you can take in as your next platter!

b. Never run behind or look for fame/limelight as this is only for a short period. Don’t worry if you are not recognized by your Team lead, Manager or Management. Make sure you’re known in your peer’s and colleague’s circle. This will take you a long way!

c. Always think, “what’s next?” To the members who are experienced: You guys rock! You are the pillars for this group. Please take time to educate the members, pass your knowledge so that it will benefit you and the learner. You’ll be able to learn only if you share your knowledge.

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