Derek Wright [Member Monday #3]

Derek Wright

Hello Friends,
Welcome to our 3rd #MemberMonday’s! 
This week I am quite proud to announce Derek Wright as our Member of the Week.
Derek has consistently taken the time on countless posts to help out our members with their Excel problems and willingly share his vast knowledge of Excel to all. 
So if you will, please join me in sending out a big Congratulations and Thank You to Derek for his valuable contribution to the Excel for Freelancers Community.

We also asked Derek some questions to help us know more about his Excel journey. Derek was kind enough to share his journey, start and to answer some questions for us.

Derek: “I have been in Training for nearly 40 years and until the late 90’s it was mostly Microsoft Office that I concentrated on. In the early 90’s though I became a key part of the programming within the NHS to make all patient records electronic. I have been working in and around the NHS ever since.”

1. How did your start your Excel journey?
“Until 1987 when Excel’s first version came out, I was a big Lotus SmartSuite fan. In fact, when Excel first appeared, I really didn’t like it.”
2. Why did you choose Excel?
“I persevered with and took as many Microsoft courses as I could and eventually came to love it.”
3. How long have you been working with Excel?
“I have used Excel now for about its entire life, so about 30 years”
4. How has Excel for Freelancers helped you?
“I am a great believer that there is no such thing as an Excel Guru, we can all learn from the skill and expertise of others. Just reading through the Excel for Freelancers on a daily basis and looking at the efforts of the participant there, I learn something new daily.”
5. What are your goals?
“I set myself the goal of learning something I didn’t know about Excel on a daily basis. So far so good ?”
6. What advice can you give to our members?
“I would give the following advice:
1. Enroll in the Dashboard Masterclass – the most engaging and useful course I have ever sat through
2. Read the posts in the FaceBook page – it is truly amazing what you learn there
3. Try and work out the resolutions to issues you read from others – you may not solve the problem but you sure do learn a lot trying.
4. If you know the answer, HELP, don’t just sit there and watch. Remember, one day you’ll want help and you don’t people to sit back and ignore you.”

Thanks so much Derek and Congratulations

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