Dave Houston [Member Monday #1]

Dave Houston

Hello My Friends!
Welcome to our first Members Monday, where each week we will highlight the contributions of one of our members and also take a moment to find out more about them with some unique Q & A so we can learn what Excel has mean to them.

This week we wanted to give a big CONGRATULATIONS to Dave Houston who’s tireless contributions to the Excel For Freelancers community has been second to none. 
Dave takes time out of his day each and every day to help out other members consistently and patiently and I know this group would not be the same without him. So allow me first to say Thank You Dave, and I also wanted to give the other members the opportunity to show their gratitude as well in the comments below

We wanted to know more about Dave so we asked him some questions to dive a bit deeper into his history of Excel and this is what he shared with us:

1. How did your start your Excel journey?
I guess the pieces started to fall into place in the early 80’s with BASIC, if you wanted a game to play you had to type out the code then spend hours debugging (the old fashioned way, no fancy debugging tools). 
As life progress I was introduced to an IBM machine which couldn’t do much other than business productivity. 
I then went to University to study accountancy where we used paper and pen to do the work but were introduced to spreadsheets in computing class.
I then found myself in the workplace with people who built some amazing tools using only Excel. I reverse engineered them and realized I had been learning these skills all along, and the rest is history.

2. Why did you chose Excel?
It’s so versatile, if you want to do some basic calculation, power up Excel. If you want to build some mind-blowing application, power up Excel.

3. How long have you been working with Excel?
Approximately 25 years

4. How has Excel for Freelancers helped you?
I hadn’t thought of using data mapping before, it was never a method which was taught to me, showing my age probably ?
Also it has shown me that there are still beginners who are experiencing Excel for the first time and gaze at it with great wonder and amazement, the same way I did all those years ago.

5. What are your goals?
I hope to develop some nice scalable business software, but I would want to find a niche as I feel there is already many great business tools which have huge financial backing.

6. What advice can you give to our members?
If you see a problem which is beyond your own capabilities then follow it. Try a few things to see if you can solve it. Try the solutions provided by people who have experience. Knowledge comes from learning, from making mistakes and not wishing to repeat them, being mindful of why a certain path is better than another and the potential pitfalls of each.

Strive for efficiency.

Thanks again Dave and Congrats , we all appreciate your time and efforts to help others reach their dreams.

Randy Austin

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