Create This Single Click Week View Scheduler Today [Employee Manager Part 8]

Randy Austin

Randy Austin

After last weeks amazing Month View Scheduling lesson I wanted to build upon that.

So, in this week’s Part 8 of the Employee Manager I not only add a Week View in a beautiful single click tab switch, but I show you how to optimize and speed up your workbook.

This weeks Employee Manager Part 8 training  includes:

☑️ Create a Dynamic Week View Scheduler
☑️ Switch between Month & Week Views in one click
☑️ Special Tricks to Optimize & Speed Up your Workbook
☑️ Conditional formatting using formulas and ‘contains’ feature
☑️ Multiple Index/Match Formulas in the same cell
☑️ Changing Cell Formats in VBA
☑️ Add Employee Leave, Training, Holidays & Weekends to the Schedule
☑️ ..and lots more so click the links below

What would you like to see in this Part 9?
Email me back and let me know or comment below our YouTube or Facebook Videos and I will do my best to add it, in the coming weeks.

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