Can I Mentor You? [The Mentorship Program Is Now LIVE]

Randy Austin

Randy Austin

Let’s face it. Freelancing with Excel is not easy. To be honest, I struggled for years and years at keeping my head above water. I would do a job, get paid, spend the money and wind up right back where I started again. I could never seem to get ahead, even as my rates increased. I was basically trading time for money, and as long as my time was limited, so was my income. See all the details here: http://bit.ly/MentroshipProgram_EFFPost

It wasn’t until I started creating and selling excel-based applications like the Labor Burden Calculator, that I was finally able to start on my path to financial freedom, which allowed me to earn an income from wherever I am or whatever I am doing. There were lots of challenges I had to overcome in the process such as securing and licensing my applications, automating the distribution & payments and creating evergreen marketing systems. However, today I am ready to share all of those secrets with you and a ton more. I am finally ready to launch the Excel For Freelancers Mentorship Program. In this program I will take you all the way from concept to cash while I reveal every aspect of creating and selling your own applications. This includes defining, designing, developing and deploying your own Excel-based software, so you can turn your passion for Excel into pure profits.In this program we will be designing a complete accounting application from the ground up, and founding members are going to play a huge part in what we create. This is not small program, and will include Inventory, Invoicing, Purchase Orders, Chart Of Accounts, General Ledger, Customers & Vendor Management, Multi-user sharing & Sync, a Complete Dashboard, an automated Notifications system and a ton more. If that were not enough, I will then show you how to secure, license and deploy your applications on a WordPress website for a fully automated selling machine.The mentorship program will consist of weekly, timed modules, with multiple lessons totaling around 90 minutes each week. My goal is to have you create your own applications, right along with me. Please keep in mind that this will take many months, as I am cramming what I have learned over the last 30 years into a single program.The fact is, that there are simply too many poor Excel experts in this world. My aim is to change that. It is my mission to not just teach you Excel, but more importantly, teach you how to be successful with Excel.

I am currently running an early bird special, so NOW is time to get in, before the prices go up. You can start by taking action right here: http://bit.ly/MentroshipProgram_EFFPost

Thanks so much and see you on the inside.
Randy Austin

Got Excel Question? Let us help you with that, Join thousands of the worlds best Excel Experts in Facebook’s fastest growing @Excel For Freelancers Group right here: http://bit.ly/groupexcel

If you have ever wanted to be able to turn your Excel skill and passion into a lucrative passive income stream then I have just the program for you. 

I have spent the last 7 months putting together the most comprehensive program in which I will share with you all of my secrets that have enabled me to create and sell my Excel applications. 

In this Mentorship Program I will be releasing brand new private video training’s in 90 minute modules made up of smaller lessons. The first application we will be creating together is an amazing Accounting Application consisting of Invoicing, Inventory, Purchase Orders, an Email & Notification Center, Chart Of Accounts, General Ledger, Recurring Transactions, a Full Dashboard and it will have complete Share & Sync capabilities, and much, much more.

I will be sharing every aspect of the process, from concept to cash, including how to Define, Design, Develop and Deploy your own applications. If this sounds like something for you, then NOW is the time join. Lock in your early-bird price before they rise. Click here to join today: http://bit.ly/MentorProgram_WebsiteTues

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