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Bryan Watson [Member Monday #11]

Hello everyone and welcome toy our 11th Member Monday. For this week I chose to feature someone who is constantly taking the time to help others and share his insights to other members of the group who needs help whenever he can. He always take the time out of his schedule not only to help others with their excel problem but also appreciates those members and admins who are doing great in the group, just like him. With this, join me in congratulating BRYAN WATSON. Congratulations and thank you Bryan for always being there for the whole group. Your support is highly appreciated.

Just like the previous members that we featured, I also asked Bryan some questions about his Excel journey. I am sure we all have something to learn from it. Here it is:

  1. How did you start your Excel Journey?

I first used excel in the early 90’s for.. well you guessed it spreadsheets! I then got excel 95 and was amazed at the power it had. I read John Walkenbachs Power programming in excel 95 and off I went.

2. Why did you choose Excel?

We used excel at work so I chose to concentrate on that.

3. How long have you been working with Excel?

About 28 years now..

4. How has Excel For Freelancers helped you?

I was lucky enough to be able to retire early to rural France where I run a b& b with my wife. I didn’t look at a computer for a year and then I decided I needed a room scheduling and invoice programme. I found Excel for Freelancers and Randy’s brilliant Employee Manager which I thought I could use as a basis. The group has some great members doing some amazing things and it has re ignited my passion for excel!!

5. What are your goals?

To learn more and hopefully share my enthusiasm with others.

6. What advice can you give to our members?

However simple you might think your application is make sure you plan it before starting. Be very clear what the application will do. Always use Option Explicit.. document your will grow.. I spent 2 years maintaining an application built by someone else that had grown to 20,000 lines of code with no documentation… Finally enjoy and share

Thanks Very Much,

Randy Austin

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