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Bo Rydobon [Member Monday #10]

Bo Rydobon

Hi Friends, in this week’s Member Monday’s we bring some Girl Power! I chose to feature this member because of her incredible knowledge in Excel, specifically in Excel Formulas. And that girl is BO RYDOBON! You can see her helping out other members in some of their Excel problems. As she is so passionate in creating Excel Formulas, she has her own page which you guys might want to like and follow, and that is: EXCEL WIZARD. For sure we can all learn a lot from her and from her page. Thank you Bo for all the contributions you shared and will continue to share in the future. Congratulations!

Like the previous members that we featured, we also asked some questions and here are her answers:

1. How did your start your Excel journey? 
My job uses Excel to do small weekly report.

2. Why did you chose Excel? 
I like to play games and love puzzle. After I learn array formula, Excel became my great Puzzle games.

3. How long have you been working with Excel? 
10 years ago, for weekly report, but it just fills 20-30 cells per week I just got intense with Excel around May 2018 when I want my weekly report to be more automate. But it can be done with normal formula. I found ExcelIsfun YouTube channel and learn from that since. It became really fun to use array formula. since than I join many Excel group and forum find puzzle to solve.

4. How has Excel for Freelancers helped you?
A lot, there are many great people here specially Randy. I found one of Randy’s Video on send email with attachment that I apply to send my weekly report. that it really great. I never know VBA can to this much, that change my view on VBA.

5. What are your goals? 
Hope that when I’m having fun solve puzzle, I still can benefit other. Hope that when I’m having fun solve puzzle, I still can benefit other. So, I create Facebook page to explain on how I make my formula.

6. What advice can you give to our members? 
Keep learning. When you give, actually you take more.

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