Biplab Das [Member Monday #7]

Biplab Das

Hi Friends, Welcome again to our 7th Member Monday’s. For this week I have decided to feature someone who has been very visible in our group. He has been very helpful and supportive to everyone, may it be liking the post, commenting and giving advice, he has always been there for all of us. Join me in congratulating and giving thanks to BIPLAB DAS. Congratulations Biplab and thank you for all the support you have given to everyone and for all the help and insights you have shared. Your contributions and unwavering support to the whole Excel Freelance Community is very much appreciated.

Like the other members who were featured before, we also asked Biplab some questions about his Excel journey. Here are his answers and the advice he has for everyone:

1. How did your start your Excel journey?

I start my career from 2002 as Branded Computer Sales Executive in Kolkata & at that time I learn Excel to make Quotation. As I have no School Certificate from Computer Institute it is very hard to learn Excel. But since 2004 I was attached with Accounts & from then Excel is everything for me. I have no idea then VB or Excel. After Joining in this Group I learn What is Excel & VB.

2. Why did you chose Excel?

First of all, in Calcutta 90% [max] people don’t like Excel. Word & Calculator is best for them. There is no doubt that I am one of them. But when I see it is like a Combo Offer [Word & Calculator] I implement EXCEL in my life. Today EXCEL is everything. I hardly use Word or Calculator. When I started to learn VBA, I started discovering new world with endless possibilities. Excel is the best for data processing.

3. How long have you been working with Excel?

As I have written, I have been using Excel for 15 years and I had VB knowledge but learned more after joining in this group.

4. How has Excel for Freelancers helped you?

Still I believe that I am nothing in the World of Excel as every Members came with various solution for one problems & I really appreciate that as I am also learnt from them. I learn many new things, others points of view. I just read through the Excel for Freelancers on a daily basis and looking at their efforts to solve any problems there. I learn something new on a daily basis. It is great to help other people, because I never stop to learn and training. Into my world of VB, Kamal Bharakhda & Petr Radiměřský, Sir both are my idol, so I thanked them and without Sir, Randy Austin my sentence will not be complete because his training videos & projects change the World of Excel Learners. Each & Every Freelancers spread out their hands to solve any issue by that knowledge spread out every day. “Main moto is help people if you learn more.”

5. What are your goals?

It is a big question for me, as I have not completed Computer Course so sometimes for me the terms in VB are hard to understand. I want to learn more about VB & Excel Formula. In that time, there are no chance to learn more Excel Formula but today by this group I am learning a lot beyond imagination. My goal is to make Accounts Package & Inventory Package by VB in EXCEL without help.

6. What advice can you give to our members?

I like to share the following advice:

1. Don’t solve your Issue by others. Learn the solutions & solve by yourself so that you can learn. If you learn the Code You can play with it otherwise, you are stuck on it.

2. Enroll in the Dashboard Masterclass – the most engaging and useful course.

3. Read the posts in the Group – it is truly amazing what you can learn from there.

4. I request every basic learner that before post study in Google & You Tube & try to solve from each & every corner. If You fail, then Excel for Freelancers is ready to help you.

5. If You want to learn take every problem personally, make your workings and note all solutions against the problem mentioned by Experts because Problem is One but Solutions are Variable.

6. Without knowing the exact problem don’t advice, maybe you force him to wrong direction.

7. Try to use Simple Tricks instead of Complex Formula or Code.

Thanks Very Much,
Randy Austin

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