“As a software developer why did you choose VBA instead of another programming language” [Solution Saturday #13]

Hello My Friends, and welcome to another #SolutionsSaturday”. This week’s question comes to us from Paul Allu who asks “As a software developer why did you choose VBA instead of another programming language”

Thanks so much for the great question and I am happy to answer that. There are a few reasons actually.

The reason I got into VBA was primarily  because I was familiar with and loved working with Excel since 1996.  Although it was not until 2008 when I discovered VBA, I realized that VBA could not only automate so many of the things I was doing manually, but also do things that could not be done with traditional Excel Formulas & Functions. So the first reason was simply that I was very familiar working with Excel, it was just a natural progression to move to VBA.

The 2nd reason was that Excel was already on millions and millions of machines around the world, so I knew that if I developed applications within Excel it would be easily adapted by users who would not have to install any additional software. I really loved the idea of ‘plug and play’ and users could simply open up their Excel application, activate macros if needed, and start to use the application. With no installation required and no setup or directory changes, many customers were already familiar with the application and its features so the learning curve was a lot less then creating a brand new application. This sped up the time to market.

Lastly, with Excel  & VBA, I could easily customize existing applications to fit customers exact requirements. This type of agile software development really allowed me to create some amazing and customizable software for individual customers in a very short amount of time. This type of flexibility is one of Excel’s and VBA strengths when developing software for both specific customers and products that are available on the market.

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Thanks so much for the great question Paul. I hope you have enjoyed this Solutions Saturday.


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