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The Advanced Excel Reports Dashboard Masterclass is a 15+ Hour video training course, and sample Excel Dashboard Application that teaches Excel enthusiasts a brand new way to add unlimited single click Reports, Graphs and Charts into one sheet using an amazing single click functionality.

There are literally hundreds of never-seen-before features that our students learn when they take this course.  Students receive a personalized Certificate Of Completion when the complete all of the modules in this masterclass.

You will earn 50% of the sale price of the course. The amounts can vary based on the currencies & exchange rates. Currently you can earn from $80.00 to $93.00 per sale however the enrollment fee will be rising in March to 247.00 so your potential earnings could be  up to $123.00 USD per sale

There is No Limit and No Cap for your earnings.

The skills taught in this course are not taught in any other excel course to date such as: 

  • Single Click Data Expanding and Shrinking
  • Pop-up Dynamic Data Pictures
  • Single Click Column Sorting
  • Type To Filter Feature (Partial & Exact Match)
  • End User Custom Report Creation
  • Save As & Email To (Excel, PDF & Picture)
  • Dynamic Printer Lists
  • …and much, much more
This course has already turned hundreds of Excel enthusiasts into professional Excel Developers

This course is for any excel enthusiast who is ready to learn an amazing way to create incredible dashboards for their office, freelance customers or for there own excel products being sold on the market.

This masterclass is perfect for those individuals who have familiarity with Excel,  formula knowledge and very basic VBA is helpful but not required as every step is explained and clearly commented out within the code

There are two payment Options in which you can get paid. When you are creating or updating your affiliate account you can enter either:

  1. Your PayPal email (preferred). Once your commission has been fully earned your commission will be paid directly to your PayPal account after the 30 day refund period. (PayPal Payments are weekly)
  2. If you would like to request an additional payment method, I will try to accommodate the method on a case by case basis.

You’ll be paid out via PayPal on the first business day of each month, with a one-month delay to allow for student refund requests. For example, earnings from all purchases made between March 1-31 will be paid out to you in May.

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You have full access to your Earnings, Statistics, Graphs, Referrals,  Visits and Payouts.

I will be adding banners, pictures and ads that you can use in the Creatives area

There are many great ways to market this course. Be creative and try new things. This is what has been working, however feel free to expand to new areas as well

  1. Email – This is still a great option if you have a list of subscribers. Feel free to add value to this email by letting them know of the free videos on the YouTube channel as well as the course. Our YouTube channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/ExcelForFreelancers
  2. YouTube – Explainer and Tutorial Videos get peoples attention and allow them to see the problem and solution all in one. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine so it should not be ignored. You can create new videos yourself explaining the course, your review of the masterclass, demo the actual dashboard application, or applications you have created using what you have learned from the course. 
  3. Facebook – This massive social network is where most of us spend too much time. Its a great way to learn and share your knowledge in groups. This is a great way to share features, benefits or experiences you have had with this masterclass 
  4. Blogs – Writing blogs then sharing the content is still a fantastic way to share your ideas and solutions. Embedding your links within the blogs or offering your Review of the course is a great way to get the word out. 

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Advanced Excel Reports Dashboard Masterclass
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Google 7%

Other 18%

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