3 P’s To Success: PASSION, PERSISTENCE & PATIENCE [Wisdom Wednesday #29]

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Hello, My Friends and welcome to another #WisdomWednesday. People often ask me how I am able to continually create unique training videos, content and keep up with all of the work. In this week’s Wisdom Wednesday, I break it down into 3 simple P words that I live my life by and I hope you can also create your own key words to help you reach your dreams.

The 3 P’s to my success are:
Passion: I could not do what I do each day, every day, for so many years unless I really enjoyed what I do. I really love being able to impact other people around the world and share my unique style of teaching. Without this passion it would be near impossible to keep it up.

Persistence:  While it’s one thing to put in extra efforts a day, a week or even a month, to do this year over year requires a great amount of determination over a long period of time without the option of giving up. In my view, persistence is key for us to achieve any level of success.

Patience: This one is the hardest for me and perhaps many of you. So often I want things to come a lot faster then they usually do. While we must always put in the work and plant the seeds, we also have to remember it often takes a great amount of patience to wait for the harvest season and reap those rewards.

I hope these words of wisdom help you each and every week reaches whatever your dreams and goals you are aiming for.

Thanks so much for allowing me to share these words,

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Randy Austin

Randy Austin

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